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We are a team of quant trading experts focusing on market making and algorithmic trading in the crypto market. We have been providing liquidity and volume services and consultation since Dec 2017. Having worked with over 100+ projects and multiple high-ranking exchanges, we have become a leading liquidity provider in the crypto asset world. As professional traders and investors, we understand the importance of liquidity to any investment instruments. Therefore, providing liquidity to the crypto world is our passion as believers in crypto.

Our Team
Simon R

Senior Engineer

Exceptionally focused and reliable software engineer with 5-year working experience in the financial field. University of Southern California engineering graduate.

Charles L

​Quantitative Engineer

Coming from strong software engineering background and have experience developing derivatives trading platform. Holds a master degree in financial engineering.

Fiona W

Quantitative Researcher

Leveraging her background in finance, Fiona previously worked for Hongxin Securities and Citic Bank, which make her experienced in conducting empirical researches and dealing with big data. Meanwhile, Fiona is a CFA level III and FRM candidate. 

John C

​Quantitative Engineer

Trading professional with rich experience in different assets. Crypto enthusiast, with expertise in trading system and strategy research. Holds a master degree in financial engineering. 

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We’re ready to lead you into the future of crypto trading and market making.

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